Friday, October 3, 2008


This is very much more "blog" than "article."

I drove up from San Diego "yesterday" (Thursday). I carpooled with Diggity who's casting StarCraft. The drive wasn't too bad, a few pockets of traffic, but no police tried to frisk me and I didn't crash or anything. Met up with the other WC3 caster, Psionic Reaver, and the other SC caster, Moletrap. We ate at Denny's, it was super exciting. We hung around for a while, and as ~9:40 rolled around we drove to LAX to pick up Peanut, who works for sc2gg and is starting up a casting firm.

After getting rooms settled, we headed over to room 446 or something, basically the party room. It contained (other than us) a bunch of SC players and a few people just there for the company. I ended up casting some beer bong, then people got tired of people missing constantly with 3 cups vs 1, so we headed out for more alcohol. Weisbeir owns.

I ended up playing, losing with 3/10 cups left; I'm pretty rusty. I retired back to the hotel rooms, my entourage slowly leaving to go do their own things. I also saw SonKiE before the night ended. Should be a good tournament. Much more as far as updates go tomorrow.

I'll be casting WC3 of course, CnC3, and maybe DotA as well. We shall see...

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